Cigarette retail prices rose about 10% From May 10, China's tobacco excise tax hike, cheap cigarettes wholesale segment valorem tax rate from 5% to 11%, according to 0.005 yuan each from the amount of the tax levy, which is China again after a lapse of six years to adjust the tobacco excise tax . Yesterday, the reporter visited a number of tobacco stores, supermarkets found that cigarettes online the current market most of the retail price of cigarettes has risen about one percent, some businesses cigarette business these days a little "cold." Yesterday afternoon, the Stadium Road, a tobacco store, Mr. Gao 50-year-old smokers ready to buy two packets of ABBA, can be found in tobacco prices at the time to pay. "In the past all been bought 20 dollars, now how suddenly gone up two dollars?" Mr. Gao was very confused. "State adjusted the tobacco tax, the price of wholesale cigarettes is now up, so retail prices also followed up. Now basically Hangzhou cigarette price increases have been, or are about one percent." Tobacco store owner explained, from May 10 starts, the store will continue to rise in price of cigarettes, in addition to part of the former wholesale inventories yet to price, the other 10 days are over wholesale prices. While the boss explains reasons for price increases, but Mr. Gao is still some can not accept, the two returned package ABBA, also said that going to the store to buy something in wholesale newport cigarette store. "Recently always met these questions, the middle-aged consumers in many countries do not understand the policy of a start indeed some can not accept." Store owner told reporters. However, the reporter interviewed found that the market price of cigarettes have made a price adjustment, but almost all of the stores are no written instructions posted notices, etc., which can easily lead to many smokers puzzled. In another tobacco store located on Zhongshan North Road, the boss has just finished part of the adjustment of the price of wholesale cigarette. She told reporters that the store needs to be adjusted in accordance with the requirements of the relevant departments have conducted price, most of the gains are 10%, marlboro cigarettes although some high-grade tobacco, there are exceptions, though wholesale prices rose Cigarettes Wholesale Online more than 6%, but the retail price is not rise, such as 100 yuan a pack, "and the world", the price will not make adjustments. "After the tobacco tax hike, for retailers, some of cigarettes decreased profit margins somewhat, as "YTDFSGFGCUEYFA" this 100 yuan a pack of ABBA, each packet profits fell at least $ 4, but the contrary, there are some cheap cigarrete wholesale profits have The rise, so too can fill the whole difference. "madame, he said the store's business is actually relatively recently deserted, there have been a lot of price increases do not understand smokers. "Tobacco tax increases mainly affect two aspects, one will increase government revenue, on the other hand is the effective realization of cheapest ciggerette cartons tobacco control, could make our overall decline in smoking rates." Tobacco companies in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the company official said, according to the relevant regulations, to ensure the cheapest newports cigarettes tobacco retail gross profit margin of not less than 10% of cases, most of the suggested newport cigarettes retail price of cigarette cartons for cheap to make, then by businesses on their own pricing, the current retail price increase will remain at about one percent.

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