"Win-win" report card of newport and marlboro cigarettes It is reported that 6 percent of the increase in newport wholesale cigarettes ad valorem tax rate, theoretically a rough estimate, one-year increase in tobacco taxes to more than 1300 billion yuan. But for the increase of tobacco taxes, marlboro cigarettes the Ministry of Finance is currently no cheapusacigs.com particular argument, but unified revenue tube. Higher tobacco taxes, if indeed achieve the purpose of effective wholesale newport cigarettes control? "There may be little effect of it, but may have to accept price increases after the public the fact that the buy will buy, especially for some "YTDFSGFGCUEYFA" older smokers, spend a few bucks and not enough to make them quit." One retailer analysts said. Some experts said the tax is considered to be one of the most effective tobacco control measure, through taxation to raise the price of wholesale newports cigarettes carton, can significantly reduce the consumption of tobacco products. So a study before the WHO show that every 10% increase in tobacco prices, increase adult smokers to give up smoking by 3.7%, youth smokers to give up smoking by 9.3%. In fact, from the point of view tobacco control around the world, raising tobacco taxes are seen as a very effective means, in particular, can be effective in preventing youth smoking. However, some experts believe that, in addressing the growing problem of tobacco harm our process, relying solely on the relevant departments of taxation of such economic measures were not enough, a variety of measures to strengthen the indoor cigarettes wholesale control, knowledge dissemination is also very necessary. "Cigarette wholesale prices taxes levied though not earmarked, but should also be a lot of tax money into tobacco control cigarettes online advocacy, stop smoking medical and other fields." Wu Yiqun believes that many smokers would like to quit, but forced physical dependence on tobacco, not always successfully quit smoking cheap newport cigarettes, although the country's current appeal to create "smoke-free China," but in fact specialized smoking cessation clinic, smoking cessation drugs is very limited. Wu Yiqun suggested that the state propaganda at the same time to increase tobacco control, tobacco taxes should also be used for the construction of the medical aspects of smoking cheap wholesale Cigarettes Wholesale Online cigarettes cessation, quit smoking by increasing the body, distributed free of charge to smokers to quit drugs or substitutes, etc. to encourage smokers from the health care means Science quit. Shizheng Wen added that further increase the state budget and other public mechanisms necessary to let people actually see the payment of taxes to be used in the where, let people discourage "tax gone," the concerns, really do to from the people, giving back to people, to help get more people to understand and support. In just one of many cheap newport 100 control tobacco tax measure in one, Shizheng Wen stressed that in order to truly achieve a comprehensive tobacco control, tobacco control also need to play a "combination punches." "For example, continue to increase the penalties for smoking cheap newport cartons in public places, strictly punish illegal tobacco sales to minors and other illegal activities; at the same time strictly enforce the requirements of the new advertising law banning tobacco advertising, multi-pronged approach, together tobacco control." Shizheng Wen Say. Wu Yiqun also pointed out that in the long run, but also to gradually reform the management system of tobacco, change the current witch hunt, one of the political and business situation. "Now the 'tobacco control' and 'sale of cigarettes' is a set of people, on the one hand, as the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau tobacco control government agencies bear public responsibility; on the other hand, newport cigarettes cheap marlboro free shipping companies as a corporate sales and also that, in order to sell tobacco money-profit mission. "

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